PragPub April 2016

PragPub April 2016 featuring Python (and me)

PragPub is the digital magazine put out by Pragmatic Bookshelf, Michael Swaine, and Nancy Groth.

I’m especially excited about it because I have two articles featured.
I mostly know Michael from the many years of reading Dr Dobb’s.
And I respect Pragmatic Bookshelf for their work in technical publishing.

So I was thrilled to be asked to contribute.

From the Contents page:

The test of the seriousness of any programming project is the seriousness of its testing.
This month Brian Okken takes us on a tour of testing in Python with two articles.
First he works through some of the factors you need to weigh in choosing a test framework for Python.
Then he shows the advantages of one approach to testing in Python, drawn from Behavior-Driven Development.

There looks like lots of other great articles in there too.