Recently, Pradyun posted a tweet commenting not on the state of Python packaging, but more on the state of the documentation and guidance.

Now, at the time, I figured that was the case for people new to packaging, not myself. I’m not really an old timer with packaging, but:

Mostly trying to say that I’ve followed the story enough that I should be able to figure this out for a new package. At least, for a Python only package, which is really all I’ve done in the past.

My confidence ended this morning.

I tried to put together another pytest plugin today.

Trouble in flit paradise, at least for pytest plugin authors.

  • For Python source only packages, Flit has been my goto for some time.
  • pip install flit, flit init produces a starter pyproject.toml.
  • It’s always gotten the name wrong if you want a dash in the name, like pytest-myplugin, but it’s been a simple enough change to fix it.
  • Until … DUN DUN DUUUUN!!! (Dramatic Sound Effect) … flit 3.2 and New style metadata
  • I actually like where flit is going with this, more toward standardized metadata.
  • But … DUN DUN DUUUUN!!! (Dramatic Sound Effect) … it doesn’t work yet for plugins. It makes it worse.
  • flit init creates a new style metadata