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It’s used exclusively for The Complete pytest Course

Check out this free video on how easy it is to run pytest tests with PyCharm

Running pytest from PyCarm video

The community edition is all you need to run tests, but…

I love the pro edition and encourage you to try the Pro edition.

A few reasons I love PyCharm Professional:

  • Integrated code coverage and profiling.
  • Database Tools. I use it for a front end to my databases, PostgreSQL, mostly.
  • It even helps you build up SQL queries. Super helpful.
  • There’s a bunch of framework support for things like: Django, Flask, FastAPI, PyQT, Jupyter Notebooks. It also supports a bunch of js frameworks I maybe should use more but don’t yet.
  • I even write this blog with PyCharm Pro, due to the excellent markdown preview feature, and the run config automatically sets up to launch a local hugo server.
  • It’s one of the most reasonably priced professional tools I use.
    • Even more so if you use code PYTEST for 20% off.

I encourage you to try the Pro edition.

Use code PYTEST for 20% off at