I’ve made a few changes to the pytest-expect fixture plugin.

  1. I’ve put the plugin code on github, https://github.com/okken/pytest-expect.
  2. It is re-arranged to be a plugin installable with pip. Although I don’t have it in pypi yet.
  3. I’ve modified the code to use pytest 2.7.0 @pytest.mark.hookwrapper.
  4. I incorporated Bruno’s feedback from the last post to allow both assert failures and expect failures to be reported in the same test.
  5. There’s a tests directory to test the plugin.

There’s still lots to do. But this is a decent start.

Instead of listing any code here, go check out the pytest-expect repository on github

Also, I’ve set up a pytest-expect page. Not much there yet, but I plan on hosting the documentation for this thing there.

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